Non-Permanent Body & Genital Modifications

In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

camp pump



sign01.jpg (60524 bytes)As time permits, we'll add descriptions.  In the meantime, here's some images.  Feel free to contact us above, with questions, corrections and comments.

olympus4040.jpg (36557 bytes)Our camera of choice for the great pictures on this website? Olympus of course!

The Olympus 4040 for digital and the ever-reliable OM-1 with multiple attachments from the 1980's that were later scanned and provide a lower quality.

campingtable.jpg (69066 bytes) We consider vacuum pumping a form of art and temporary radical self-expression for males and females to either watch and learn or to participate in modifying their genitals.  Anyone that can share their experiences with saline injection, urethral sounds and piercing is also welcome to stop by and bring us enlightenment.  Our table-stove at left doubles for both cooking-dining and warming water for our pumping events.


burn_tent.jpg (65401 bytes)Camp Pump is presents a low-key camp with only a banner out front of a 2-tent encampment; a military-style green sleeping tent with camouflage netting and a large white dome (open above) tent with fluorescent ribs.

We are set up as a BODY MODIFICATION art demonstration.  Yes, some of us choose to run around naked.  Here you can try on different types of cylinders and expand your genitals to their maximum potential. Then walk around Burning Man showing off your "art."  We'll take radio air time if we can get it, but otherwise do little to "advertise."  We believe word-of-mouth is best!




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