Our freaky friends from The Playa .....

hosking01.jpg (65290 bytes)Steven Hosking of Monster Garage (Discovery Channel) fame and his Satan's Calliope (Lucifer's Organ Pipes) put of a great daytime organ duet concert next door to us in Pipe Organ Camp.


jiffy_lube.jpg (6212 bytes)Get in.
Get off.
Get out.

San Francisco-based. non-vanilla sex organization that gives great art and always causes a stir, even at Burning Man.  farther out than even the far out.

BLOG: Live Journal review by Beige-Alert (PDF) 

bigpuffyyellow1.jpg (431570 bytes) bigpuffyyellow2.jpg (253341 bytes) The Charlotte, North Carolina crew --- Big Puffy Yellow --- includes about 20 North Carolina misfits and a ragtag band of 30 other followers nationwide.

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