Non-Permanent Body & Genital Modifications

In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

camp pump


location1.jpg (12468 bytes) Where is Nevada?

Where is Washoe County (Reno), Nevada (blinking)?  Burning Man is held in Pershing County , the county just to the east of Washoe County.

bm_where_is.jpg (666438 bytes) Where is the Black Rock Desert?

bman_2002_closures.jpg (866871 bytes) Where are the public lands managed by the US Bureau of Land Management (Dept. of the Interior), the government agency that grants the annual event permitHistory of the area from the Winnemucca Field Office.

location2.jpg (80160 bytes) Where are Reno & Lake Tahoe?

location3.jpg (63240 bytes) Where is Pyramid Lake?  At the end of the Truckee River (it just empties into the desert and evaporates).

location4.jpg (43045 bytes) Where are Gerlach and Empire?  What do they do way out there in one of the loneliest places in America?  Gyp board.  Wall board.  Drywall.  this is where the raw material, gypsum, is mined and shipped by rail freight to the rest of the world by US Gypsum Corporation.

compass.jpg (48363 bytes) Where is the 2001 Playa?

bman_areial.jpg (25853 bytes) What does Burning Man look like from the air?

burning_map.jpg (229579 bytes) How is Burning Man 2002 laid out?

2003brc_map.jpg (90095 bytes) How is Burning Man 2003 laid out?

map2002.jpg (49762 bytes) Where is Camp Pump 2002 ?

camppump.jpg (42455 bytes) What is the 2002 Camp Pump layout?


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